Our first Post

As I thought about what to write in our first post, I was reminded of that episode of The Simpsons when Marge is looking for a franchise to start a new business. At the franchise fair one of the exhibitors uses the classic strategy of making a simple problem huge and then selling an expensive and unnecessary solution (see video for reference and for a good laugh). When it comes to health and life improvement, many people, companies and franchises use the same tactics as those in the Simpsons video, making it appear that a tiny problem is actually something very serious and that the solution to it requires a huge expense, a large investment or a lifetime commitment.

At MoldBusters New Mexico we do not believe in these strategies, and we are not going to tire you with the statistics of how many homes have mold in New Mexico or what is the percentage of illnesses caused by toxic mold.

But with honesty we can tell you that mold and its effects against health are real, that if they are not treated in time they can turn manageable situations into chronic cases and that the elimination of mold in your homes and / or offices does not have to be a large financial burden or a disproportionate expense.

We are here to tell you that if you have problems with mold we can help you at an affordable price, without additional costs, without phantom expenses and mainly without the need for demolition. We are MoldBusters New Mexico, and there is no job we can’t do.

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