Our Home a Haven for our Children

Seeing our children return safely from school is a daily joy. In these times of pandemic, it is very important that safety and health are a priority both when going to school and when returning from it. Here we share some tips that can protect your children from germs, bacteria and viruses while attending school and returning home.

1. Cleaning and promoting hand hygiene are everyday steps that can be taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and protect students.

2. Cleaning with products that contain soap or detergent reduces the presence of germs on surfaces and objects, as it removes contaminants, and may also weaken or damage some of the virus particles, reducing the risk of infection by contact with The surfaces.

3. Clean more frequently or wipe AND disinfect surfaces and objects if certain conditions are met. Disinfecting with disinfectants removes any microbes that may remain on surfaces, further reducing the risk of spreading infections.

4. Always read and follow instructions on how to use and store cleaning and sanitizing products. Children should not use or be near disinfection products. Ventilate the space when using these products, to prevent children from inhaling toxic fumes. Consider upgrading or upgrading ventilation systems, as well as taking other steps to help increase fresh air circulation and dilute potential contaminants within the building.

5. Make plans with your family. Talk about the obstacles to routine cleaning and how to overcome them. Create a schedule for routine cleaning tasks. Modify your standard activities to include regular cleaning at least once a day or as often as necessary.

By following these simple steps we will be turning our home into the refuge that our children need and deserve. To get your home completely free of mold, bacteria and viruses call a certified remediation company like MoldBusters New Mexico.



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