Is Your House Making You Sick?

On our work van, we have the question: IS YOUR HOUSE MAKING YOU SICK? This question may sound strange to some and even ominous, how is it possible that my home, the place where I sleep, where my loved ones rest and are protected from the inclement weather and dangers of the world can be making me sick? Unfortunately, this may be the case as there are elements, conditions, and hazards within the walls of our home that could be making us or our families sick.

In one of his last posts WebMD used the same title for an article that listed 10 elements that cause disease risks in our homes, and there were no surprises when noting that the first element on the list was MOLD. The article mentions: “Its spores can cause a stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, and itching. If you have mold allergies, lung problems, or a weak immune system, these spores can lead to a serious lung infection.” ( According to statistical data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics under the Department of Labor, the average American spends 7-9 waking hours a day at home (; If we add the sleeping hours to those numbers, let’s imagine the real time we spend in our homes.

Since mold grows in all environments, climates, and regions, it can be a problem in our homes that truly is making us sick.

But we can help you solve any Mold problem in your home, Dry Fog technology is what sets Mold Busters New Mexico apart from the competition. Instead of sledgehammers tearing into your mold-infested walls, we use dry fog to fill the capacity of your home or office, denaturing any mold cells in their path. The micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. No sticky or wet residue is left behind. We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction and, of course, there is no job we can’t do.

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