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Yes, we are back. It’s been a long and busy few months but we couldn’t put aside something as important to us as our blog. Much relevant and necessary information about mold and its consequences on the health of American families can be found here.

Management at Mold Busters Albuquerque New Mexico

As we have mentioned many times, mold grows and spreads in places with high humidity, the resilience of mold spores makes it present both indoors and outdoors. Under certain circumstances (such as weather, airflow, etc.) there may be unexpected outbreaks and high levels of spores in the air we breathe daily, this clearly can affect our immune system, create laryngeal and pulmonary infections, rhinitis, worsen asthma and could even affect cognitive activities.

Now, it is not our intention to create panic or stress in you just to sell you a solution, at MoldBusters New Mexico we care about these harmful effects and have the equipment and treatment necessary to get rid of mold, clean the air and disinfect your home, office, vehicle, and other environments.

Our patented and award-winning Dry Fog technology is not only the most efficient and least invasive, it is also the best cost/benefit solution as it is cheaper and has longer-lasting results than other methods. Oh and let’s not demolish what is a very important plus.

So, it is true that mold can be a risk in your home and for your family, but it is also true that a real, effective, cheap and guaranteed solution is within your reach.

Thanks again for your patience and it’s great to be back.

We are MoldBusters New Mexico and there is no job we can’t do.

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