The Mold Removal Company “Near you”


An analysis of Google searches gave us the result that one of the most common phrases people google in the United States is: “Mold removal near me”. Thousands of people every day, across the United States go to google with the need to find a company or service that can help them get rid of mold that has surely invaded their home, car, office, school or business.

We also saw that in the winter months with the drop in temperature, the increase of snowfall and rain with hail, flooding or humidity problems increase. This, together with the atmospheric characteristics of the season and the construction materials of the buildings, create an environment more than conducive to the growth of mold in all its forms and varieties.

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Undoubtedly, a constant need for Americans is to find trained, reliable and affordable professionals who can solve these mold problems without requiring unnecessary demolition or high labor-related costs, or worse, the inconvenience of not being able to use parts or all of the house because of the work done on it. The phrase “near me” also denotes that people value their time very much and that they prefer that these professionals do not take too long to arrive at their homes, that the work is not delayed and that the solution does not take too long (obviously who wants to have strangers in their home or office every day from 9 to 5).

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American Families need a Professional Mold Removal Company "Near Them"

In conclusion, people have problems with mold, which increase during times of rain, hail, snow and humidity; they need a reliable service, affordable and close to them, that are part of their community, and understand their circumstances and above all, that are efficient in the use of time when solving these mold problems. For your comfort we are here, we are the mold removal service established in Albuquerque, we take our work very seriously and we are efficient in the inspection time (no more than an hour) and we are even more efficient in our patented treatment (4 to 6 hours depending on the size of your location), we respect your privacy and we are affordable, we do not resort to demolition, we are local, FDA approved and the answer to all your needs related to mold.

We are MoldBusters New Mexico, there is no job we can’t do and we are near you.

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