The mold and pathogen challenge

All types of mold, not just black mold, cause negative health effects. In spite of the dry climate along the South Valley -  Santa Fe, New Mexico corridor, 27% of newer and old homes in New Mexico still have mold growth. It takes no more than persistent moisture and dark areas with poor ventilation. The effects can be anything from severe illness, exacerbated asthma or chronic sinus infections to the more common feeling of being tired or more susceptible than others to getting sick. Conditions conducive to mold and other pathogens are a particular challenge for older adults in need of home health and younger children with compromised immune systems.

Business owners, homeowners and any others responsible for occupant health have not had a reasonably affordable, fast and effective way to resolve this issue with sporing toxic molds and pathogens... until now.  For the first time, residents in New Mexico have an innovative two-step dry fog technology Mold Busters licenses from Pure Maintenance. And it is eliminating the old paradigm of inconvenient and expensive crews spending days quarantining and remediating toxic areas in spaces that you still need to use.

What's the MoldBusters Process?

First, we perform a mold inspection and provide a free bid. If together we determine you, in fact, do have mold growth, we will discuss whether we need to perform a test of your air to determine mold count. If we do this test, we will take samples of your outside air as well. Then send these samples to a certified third-party lab.  Within a few days, we call you to share the results.  If it shows a large and positive gap between indoor and outdoor air quality our team will bring the necessary equipment to dry fog your home or office, and do it in as little as four hours. If done while you are at work, or while your employees have gone home, using MoldBusters not only means the least expensive and most effective result, but you will experience virtually no disruption to your operations or day to day life, other than when you return, all foul odors will be gone, and you will experience a slightly vinegary smell of clean for maybe a day or two. Before we leave we will retest your indoor air so that we can share with the scientific results and evidence from a third-party that your home's health and your building's health have been restored completely. We are able to guarantee complete satisfaction because we restore indoor air to outdoor air quality every time.

The Army Corps of Engineers learned about MoldBusters' licensed Pure Maintenance system and was so intrigued by the patented process, and the possibility of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, they decided to turn our standard treatment into a formal study. They again proved all claims, including the claim that EverPURE will provide continued, long-term kill, long after dry fog treatment. The results are published and can be read by clicking the link below.

What is MoldBusters' Pure Maintenance two-step dry fog technology?

At the most basic physical level, dry fog is the same as the fog we have all experienced and know.  On a foggy morning, you can walk through the fog without getting wet. This is why use the term "dry." The particles of moisture are imperceptibly small, even smaller than a mold spore. The first step solution is called InstaPURE. MoldBusters uses it to fill the entire volume of your location, with its small "dry" particle penetrating sheetrock, carpets, wood, small unreachable spaces and air pockets that exist in attic insulation and other porous materials.  In the process, it completely annihilates mold and pathogens in places that no other solution ever has. After the total air and building cleanse, we then apply EverPURE.  This second provides a long-lasting, safe antimicrobial layer which provides ongoing protection against mold and other pathogens, killing them on contact for months afterward.  Perhaps best of all, is both steps are EPA and FDA approved as non-toxic, leaves behind no sticky or visible residue, kills all foul odors and it can be done without breaking your walls or your bank account.

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